Sample Essay

Organizations whose operations are largely dependent on data management and storage, requiring a centrally pooled storage solution contemplate over the usefulness of SAN in supporting their business operations as well as carry out cost benefit analysis to justify the value of their investment for such a solution.

The answer to this question depends largely on a needs-analysis carried out to determine the current storage strategy and the adoption of a newer one to suit the future business needs of the company. Although if required by any company to centralize or streamline its data storage capabilities, SAN may be the best solution, however there is only one barrier that acts as an obstacle: cost. The prices may be dropping these days however SANs will most likely dominate the big businesses, to remain at levels outside the reach of SMEs. Once the prices fall to a considerable level, I suggest it would still not before a considerable amount of time that organizations will take to understand that data management by SAN is facilitated through the most basic functions of network storage. It is to be understood that behind these acronyms lies a technology stack that has been developed to provide the most easiest and comfortable means of offering the oldest of network services, that of data availability on client machines.

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