Sample Essay

The debate over whether to lower the drinking age, has become a controversial issue, with both sides offering reasons and researches to support their viewpoint. The debate was again sparked of again when Jessica Bush the president’s daughter who is around 19, was caught drinking and using fake identification to buy alcohol. The debate is going on in a number of states, with some states with already formulated legislation for lowering the drinking age which needs to be passed. Examples of where such legislations have been passed are Dakota,VermontandMinnesota. However there are federal laws which will definitely discourage states to lower the drinking age. One such law designed to discourage legalizing underage drinking, is that if any state approves such a legislation, 10% of its appropriations on the highway will be taken away as penalty.

The argument about lowering the drinking age started earlier, when the drinking age was lowered during the Vietnam War. The logic then was if we are letting 19, 20 year olds fight inVietnamit seems a little unfair to not let them drink. However after lowering the drinking age, the number of highway accidents showed a sharp increase and in a knee jerk reaction theUSgovernment increased the minimum age and placed the earlier discussed penalty on those states which would not comply. However some material discussed later points out why the best way to keep a check on excessive drinking by 19, 20 year olds may be to lower the drinking age. This is also a very important issue now when binge drinking by legally underage drinking has become a serious problem.

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