Sample Essay

As a leading-edge association CB can utilize following key schemes for fortifying the concept generation process:

  • Involve every company personnel in the quest for new ideas, with in the boundaries of their professional domain.
  • Involve customers in the method of developing ideas by establishing an effective feedback procedure in every business transaction.
  • Invite customers to participate in new ways by arranging interactive activities.
  • Focus the market need analysis on the desires that customers normally unable to express in public, special personal in depth interviews can be conducted.
  • Seek concepts from new sources like social groups, online communities, and new clients.
  •  Use supply chain management by involving suppliers in merchandise innovation.
  •  Use benchmark idea-creation methods applicable in the same industry.

Clearly the present and potential customers act as a significant function in these schemes for reinforcing the organizational concept generation. It only makes sense, as the ultimate users of new ideas are customers. The other major group is the organization’s employees, and suppliers. Other than these groups, I did not include marketing consultants and media personnel, as their connection to the firm is indirect and their ideas may not be as viable and timely as the chosen ones ( Jeppesen & Molin, 2003). Innovation lies inside the system not in the surroundings

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