Sample Essay

Human Resource Management is a constantly changing and evolving field and it has seen a series of significant changes in approaches in relatively recent times. Organizations today recognize the importance of treating their employees as diverse individuals who each bring their own value to the organization. An integrated and contingent approach to HRM is recognition of the fact that the environment in which we work is changing and that being flexible and responsive to change is an important part of dealing with the new environment.

The important factor here is to understand that the optimal solution will realize in understanding a variety of factors these perspectives and integrating them to form a solution which is suitable for the situation that you are in. A variety of factors will change the situation your environment in and your HR policy will change accordingly. It is therefore that Human Resources Management be flexible and change accordingly with these factors. It is very beneficial to have an integrated and contingent approach to Human Resource Management because such a solution provides the possibility of a large number of solutions and ones which are more complete and deal with the problem in a more effective manner. It also allows a better approach then traditional methods to dealing with problems being faced by organization’s today. Some issues that need to be noted are that senior management needs to closely involved at all stages and that the Human Resource policy should always keep in mind the individuals it has been designed to cater.

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