Sample Essay

These are all the reasons which have driven me apply for the ND Mechanical Engineering Course. I am very confident at the time of applying this Mechanical Engineering course because it is my belief that this course would help e in achieving my dreams and passions.

With the help of this Mechanical Engineering Course, I would be able to pick up the desired field of my interest and I will be able to study the core concepts and functions of the engineering field. This would also help me in leading the way to the field of automotive engineering at the end. The course of Mechanical Engineering is just the beginning and I believe that it would be the best suited example and industry for my bright and long lasting successful future. This course is very good for my future because it would help me in choosing the right field which is suitable for me. Apart from that, I would be able to choose a field of my interest when there would be a time to choose the specialized degree for completing the degree. This course will provide a guideline and comprehensive review of all the mechanical concepts; and will also provide a guideline of background for student studying in any engineering or mechanical major for future course and research works in mechanics. The course of Mechanical Engineering would also help me in continuing to lead the pathway with significant contributions to the essential sectors which also include energy, environment, transportation, health, manufacturing and waste management.

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