Sample Essay

The House of Fraser mainly operates inUKand therefore the scope of the market for the company is relatively limited as compared to that of the Marks & Spencer. The retailer is a subsidiary of Baugur which makes it relatively smaller than Marks & Spencer as well. While the marketing strategy deployed by Marks & Spencer primarily focuses on big budget marketing campaigns and celebrity based advertisements, the House of Fraser takes more personalized and strategically steps to increase its sales during the Christmas season.

In order to customize its product and service offering for the customers during the Christmas season, the House of Fraser has taken steps to provide specialized products such as cut and pruned Christmas trees along with tree decoration to the customers in its stores (Passy, 2008). The company has offered this product through the mail order service as well so those of the customer that are unable to make a visit to its stores can still order the Christmas trees from the retailer. Aside from this in the recent Christmas season the retail also took to adjusting and reshaping its fashion collections and accessories in the store to reflect the more festive feel of the Christmas. “Emma Jones, senior creative at the company Construct states that during Christmas retail stores focus on the design of their carrier bags to attract customers.” (Richardson, 2008)

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