Sample Essay

Seeking (2008) explains that, major bank mergers have taken place to ensure fine transactions for the tourists in Olympic days; banking sector is providing various services to the public and has developed a lot.

Communication sector is also spreading its wings to serve better; major communication companies have extended their broadband and communication network to serve the 3.5 million crowds with active signals, call traffic, SMS and GPRS services, including the online games viewer facility to watch the games live on mobile phones; and most of all, accommodating all the tourists that would be coming in thousands (China Daily, 2007).

Moreover, China Daily (2007) reveals that the Chinese government is taking help from U.S. Airline to keep a balance of the heavy tourist traffic coming toChinain Olympic game days.

In addition,Chinaassures on protecting the natural resources and making all the arrangements in such a way that does not, in any way, would cause harm to the natural resources o the country.

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