Sample Essay

It has been proved that the safety culture in the construction industry has also been modified with the help of good communication skills, motivating leadership strategies and collation of the workforce of the company. Same is the case withHong Kong, as construction industry is one of the largest industries working in the country which comprises of more than 300000 workers and professionals involved in this industry. It is the dominant industry in the entire region of Hong Kong among other industries and contributes around 23.5% directly to the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ofHong Kong.Hong Konghas been a lot busy these days in manufacturing strong and high buildings of multiple purposes. It has successfully built so many offices, towers, shopping malls, residential apartments, housing schemes and large mega stories giant projects. What happens at times that employees accidentally faces some kind of troubles or mishaps during their work, so this risk need to be eliminated from the minds of the employees so that they could work with more efficiency and more effectively for their companies.

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