Sample Essay

The UTC Plc company was established in 1932 as a corporation and is run as a subsidiary of the Union Trading Company that is based in Switzerland. The UTC Plc is a diverse consumer product offering establishment in China that dominance in the market in terms of its size and its scale of operations. The products that are offered by the company pertain to meat based products, vegetables, baked products as well as bread based confectionaries.

The consumer durable products offered and distributed by the company are edible and used as supplements or food or in the preparation and cooking of food by the customers. Aside from this the company also offers other consumer durables like electrical appliances, home furnishings etc, however the company is mostly recognized in the region of Nigeria for its retail outlets and food products. The main brands of the company pertain to Bell, Champ and Chopsy.

The UTC Plc company is faced with vague market awareness and weak product and market positioning.

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