Sample Essay

The Seminole tribe has dealt well with new challenges and ideas however the Navajo tribe has also done extremely well. I believe that instead of the Navajo tribe it is the Nanticoke tribe which has remained closest to its traditions despite the fact that their original language has been lost. This is because of two important reasons, one that they have tribal laws which forbid profit-making from vice, laws which indicate a desire to remain loyal to old values and ideals and also there are many individuals from the tribe making efforts to gather and record as much of their history as possible.

The differences pointed out by the writer between the Navajo tribe and the Seminole tribe are differences which can be noted between the Nanticoke and the Navajo tribe. The Navajo tribe was more nomadic in nature while Nanticoke tribe stayed in one area for longer. This resulted in the development of religious rituals which indicated consciousness of the area they were in, such as rituals of sacrifices to spirits in the area. The approach of the Nanticoke tribe towards the Europeans was different from the Seminoles, however their approach did not mean less success for the tribe or that they lost respect in the eyes of the European world. They chose to develop extensive trade relations and surprisingly still retain these with a country like Sweden. Although the Nanticoke have lost their language and have become impoverished due to a refusal to participate in activities which they consider as vice, such a refusal will strengthen their community.

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