Sample Essay

Later towards the eighteenth century differences erupted as a result of the differences in colonies such as that between Georgia and Carolina where people could be easily classified into Lords of lands and farmers. Though differences arose and resistance followed with the settlement and settling with the natives while they were killed in wars and even taken into military force, it took more than a century to settle down in peace. On the other hand, while some generals agreed to negotiate with the Native Americans, the others relied on weapons to come to terms with the locals. Thus, it resulted in widespread massacre of people and a basis of many more conflicts to come within the Puritans themselves who were later to be distributed into landlords and farmers within the same community.

A lot from the turbulent history has been mentioned and how the British settled in America, namely, American now faced many challenges as they could not come back. However, the detailed focus describes the many diseases that were brought along and the migrants are simply accused of being the carriers of such diseases such as Malaria and small pox and spreading them to the natives as well while they were experts and dealing with health related problems through the use of herbs and were also one of the civilized nations of those times. Death had become inevitable as cure was impossible to find and this as a resulted caused many deaths of the British people as well in New England.

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