Sample Essay

In nineteenth century Britain emerged as the wealthiest and most powerful economy on the map of the world. She became the centre of trade and a leader in foreign investments. The average income of an individual was much higher in comparison to other countries. She was the pioneer of industrialization and introduction of modern transport networks. She was the first nation to build financial infrastructure to control industry and investments.Britainpolitical history has always been of great importance while the trade links contributed a lot in her invasion in foreign countries. The period between1815-1914 is referred in history as imperial century.Britaincontrolled the economies of countries like Latin America,China.

In spite of ruling large nations and being powerful enough to dominate the contemporaries, British economy proved itself as a failure due to the extent of poverty, high rates of infant mortality and failures in Victorian and Edwardian economies. The reason was probably thatBritainwas not rich enough since her economy didn’t grow as sharply as the economy of contemporary nations. The marketers and entrepreneurs didn’t look beyond and was unable to grasp the new modern technologies and ideas.

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