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VDSL supports either symmetric or asymmetric transfer rates with first generation VDSL providing either symmetric data transfer rates of 13 or 26 Mb/sec or asymmetric data transfer rates of 52 Mb/sec downstream and 6.4 Mb/sec upstream. However high data transfer rates can only be maintained over short distances.

Bandwidth consumption of VDSL is quite high as compared to ADSL, with VDSL utilizing 12 MHz as compared to 1.1 MHz used by ADSL.   VDSL usually uses Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) for bandwidth allocation, which prevents overlap between downstream and upstream communication. Echo cancelled operation, although theoretically possible is not practical due to high bandwidths involved. Asymmetric VDSL is utilized in locations like office towers and apartment complexes (Jones, 2006).

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