Sample Essay

The hierarchy of waste management helps in the best way of controlling pollution and preventing pollution as much as possible. It has sequential six steps which are recommended to follow eventually. The first step of the waste management hierarchy is to avoid and prevent the sources of producing waste. This is the first and finest step which is advised to follow all the times, but the production of waste cannot be stopped totally forever because of the production of several products from the industrial and household sector.

The second step of the hierarchy is minimization of producing waste. The production of waste cannot be stopped but it could be minimized to some extends with proper precautions and proper use of natural resources and products. The third level of the waste management hierarchy is the re-use factor in which it is advisable to prevent the growing ratio of the waste by re-using the products and using them appropriately. The fourth and well practiced level of the waste management hierarchy is recycling, which involved the re-production and remanufacturing of the used products and making them able to use again from scratch. The fifth stage is energy recovery which involves the thermal treatments of waste to gasification and energy source and several other techniques such as anaerobic digestion. The sixth step of the hierarchy is disposal, according to which the energy sources provided should be used appropriately and after using the products, doing efforts to dispose the produced amount of waste effectively through which the environment could be made safe and healthy for the human health and surroundings.

Thus by looking at the figure it is very clear that prevention is the most favoured option but still we see that recycling and reuse are still more prevalent with common man and industries.

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