Sample Essay

‘He was bred to no profession; he never married; he lived alone; he never went to church; he never voted; he refused to pay a tax to the State: he ate no flesh, he drank no wine, he never knew the use of tobacco; and, though a naturalist, he used neither trap nor gun. He chose, wisely, no doubt, for himself, to be the bachelor of thought and Nature. He had no talent for wealth, and knew how to be poor without the least hint of squalor or inelegance. …. Thoreau was sincerity itself ‘(Emmerson, Bigraphical Sketches-

Henry David Thoreau was born in Concord Massachusetts, and although he left to travel to other parts of America this was always a central area in his life and his travels within Concord were significant to the development of many of his written works. He was the son of a pencil factory maker and remained associated with the factory working with it on and off, even bringing in an innovation regarding the graphite component of the pencil. Ralph Walso Emerson played a significant role in Henry Thoreau’s life. Thoreau remained connected to Emerson working in Emerson’s home as a handy-man and eventually working as a tutor with Emerson’s children.

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