Sample Essay

Unlike white hat hackers they don’t have any defined code of ethics or conduct they do things just because they want to do and could do legal as well as illegal activities. It’s hard to predict their behavior and they could be expected to go to any limits or restrict themselves just depending on their instincts. For Gray hat hackers it easy to admit what they are doing.

When anyone outside the computer security community is required to conduct the activities that could verify a product’s fault tolerance, intrusion detection or penetration rate or even the vulnerability of its existence from attacks, such a professional is termed as blue hat hacker. Organizations world wide employ companies or consultants that bug test their applications or systems, conduct comprehensive tests and generate vulnerability reports. It is supposed to add security measures in a product.

It’s the intentional criminal. When a person breaks security of any system, with intent to harm the organization or individual, that system becomes his target and the owner his victim. These malicious intentions could be intended to inject terrorism, credit card fraud, intellectual property theft, identity theft and other crimes including asking ransom for revealing stolen data or black mailing the owners. Software cracking is one of the widely used methodologies of such a person. Cracking refers to actually breaking in and it’s a strong term. It’s the Black hat hacker who people have to worry most about because their motives are mostly getting advantages out of their actions in terms of material or other gains ranging from barbaric crimes to terrorist acts.

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