Sample Essay

In this modern era, going green is the main concern of companies and thus a stance for competition for the majority. However, this video highlights key issues responsible for e-waste turmoil and, ironically, there hasn’t still been any profound law in some countries forbidding the way it is recycled.

Environmentalists vehemently express that quite a number of electronic goods are still made with hazardous material which during recycling could pave way to health issues partly due to them being disposed carelessly. An example of this is ‘lead’ and ‘mercury’ which are responsible for causing abnormalities while the main sufferers are children or even plastic for that matter which is causes no less trouble.

Moreover, companies try to seek electronic recyclers who might not be proper recyclers and can result in endangering their surroundings. For instance, bids often result in recyclable material being taken to Asia and Africa. In China alone, some of the villages are a hub of e-waste and, therefore, proper human health is questionable. Piles of such e-waste has been polluting the air and nearby rivers, thus, making them over two thousand times more dangerous than the expected threshold level.  People eventually, extract chips exposing themselves to great vulnerability and aim for extracts of gold. Similarly, in Nigeria used computers exported are mostly futile as the majority of them are not in working condition, hence, the result is e-waste recycling.

On the other hand, it has an adverse effect on developed world companies in the form of confidential data not wiped out when sending computers for recycling or donating. Hard disks often include confidential emails and other important company data.

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