Sample Essay

Globalization has always existed but recently however the pace has been going extremely fast and instead of slow cultural integration, which would be less painful to billions, it feels like cultural imposition. The fear is that the culture of a globalized world is a consumerist culture and American in origin and that the global culture is an American export. (AdamsD). A 1998 survey showed that the eating preferences of so many young Asians was of brands like McDonalds and KFC.. (AdamsD).

Another article quoted huge figures of American investment the information sector such as it will be investing $150 million in the telecommunications sector of Latin American countries only and called America the information superpower. ( Rothkop D.)In developing countries a global consumerist culture is evolving ‘substituting mass-produced imported products for indigenous cultural production, and encourages privatization of public cultural-funding apparatus …that market forces determine what aspects of culture will be preserved and supported’(Adams D). However on the other end of the spectrum is the belief that the local populations cultures are not always neutralized and local populations do not always get the worst end of the situation.

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