Sample Essay

Global warming in its entirety has become a huge industry and a business and though there s some element of truth in it, too much global warming talk has raised many other issues that undermine its credibility.

Global warming does exist and it cannot just be observed but felt as well in the form of natural disasters and temperature changes. Why exactly was 1998 the warmest year of the last century then? And why was the year 2005 the same for the twenty first century up till now?

Emerging concerns regarding high carbon dioxide emissions had already started to take their stance beginning from the early 70’s (Weart 2004) when carbon emissions has started undermining proper environmental conditions of this world.

At the 1972 Symposium, concerns were raised by a few saying that doing nothing to safeguard the environment would be quite a conservative thing to do. Therefore, various scientists who had already been working for this cause started publishing their research in the form of journals and documentaries so that the mass audience could be warned.

It is thus, a world of limited resources which could eventually get utilized and vanished soon if no responsible action is taken. It is thus, our duty to take steps and trying to educate those around us about the possible consequences of global warming, especially, those who are completely oblivious to such an issue.

It is not doubt that this matter is exaggerated but the grave possibility and truthful evidence cannot be denied. Why do we think that Greenland has lost a great deal of it’s ice in the form of melting glaciers and diminishing ice bergs. So let’s media do it’s job and we do ours.

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