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The impact of political interruption and coordination among countries has brought up fruitful results in the global political situation and trade. Following are some points which are highlighted from the many provided examples present around the world:

  • Several countries of European Union, which includes ofNetherlands,Sweden, andBaltic Seanations are involved in the international dealing of wood pellets
  • Austriais the strongest trade in the whole region of the world when it comes to Bioenergy trade
  • Swedenimported pellets and oil tall from Baltic nations andnorth Americaregion
  • Swedenalso is involved in the political import business of logging residues and other pellets from MSW, andBelarus
  • CanadaandFinlandare the grand exporters of pellets toSweden
  • Netherlandsimport Bioenergy material for several power plants projects from  several countries
  • Netherlandsalso imported wood pellets from European union countries; while importing palm kernel sheets from the country ofMalaysia
  • The global trade business of bio-ethanol grew up to 7.814 billion liters in the year 2006
  • The global market share of the countries south America andnorth Americagrew to 60% in 2006
  • The global market of Asia-pacific grew up to the scale of 17% in the year 2006
  • Africacontributed to make around global bio-ethanol trade shipments up to 4% in the year 2006
  • European countries succeeded in making up to 20% of business trade worldwide
  • The global sales graph ofbrazilreached to the level of 3.9 billion liters in total in the year 2006

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