Sample Essay

Global integration of marketing communications could mean having one global campaign for all the countries the brand operates in. for instance, Accenture advertised in India showing their brand endorser, Tiger Woods, even India is not a golf playing country the message delivered through this campaign was meant to be the same (Kottilli 2006).

Global marketing implies new forms of media used in terms of what’s new depending on the country whose target market is approached and hence a general focus is established (Shimp 2008).  Such campaigns are designed at creating a value for the consumer, thereby, getting them involved. Pepsi ran a campaign in which it invited the internet savvy youth of China to participate and submit their scripts for a commercial, it resulted in more than 27,000 enteries and much cherished positive feedback. Some countries on the other hand, are also perceived as brands, therefore, firms that get to market their products get responses depending on the perceived image of the country unlike an actual positioning of a brand. Perception plays a great role in gaining market share.

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