Sample Essay

Food is the basic need for human body and so is the most important aspect of living for the entire mankind. The importance of food cannot be neglected at any cost. Thus, the main problem with food and Bioenergy which is inked together is that there is a lot of threat present for food and crops when it comes to the development of Bioenergy. It Is because of the fact that Bioenergy makes use of biomass and biomass includes of many kinds but food energy, water and crops are the main source of Bioenergy and are used as biomass. The increase in the popularity of Bioenergy has high impact on the food productivity. Thus, biomass and process of Bioenergy could act as a threat to the availability of the food supplies around the world (

            This is because food and water are said to be the best substitute for biomass and are very beneficial for producing Bioenergy. This strategy has laid rise in the food prices by low-income consumers. The crops and foods highly affected by the high prizes are the major feedstock markets consisting of food products, such as; soybean, palm oil, sugar, sugar cane, maize, and rapeseed oil.

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