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(Worldwatch 68) According to the estimated calculation, the entire world is making use of around 430 ExaJoules (EJ) amount of energy annually; from which a total amount of around 23 percent of the energy is utilized in the transportation resources. Governing bodies of several countries are working on to increase the overall Bioenergy potential. Right now, it is being estimated that the potential Bioenergy could be supplied from 0EJ to 1000EJ by the end of the year 2050.

This amount is estimated to be the twice of the present need of Bioenergy which is required globally. This shows that the governments of several countries are putting in extra effort to run an extra mile by meeting up to the mark set by the people by meeting their demands. This practices is under serious consideration because of the fact that the entire global marketplace is determined and motivated by the environmental conditions and situations whose main commitment is to reduce carbon emission through thick and thin by following certain global demand policies of Bioenergy. This is because it is expected that the total global demand for Bioenergy would be increased on high scale by the year 2020, as reported by some newspapers (

The major reasons involved in meeting up to the global demands of Bioenergy are listed as under:

  • The overall mass of human population
  • The total massive amount of food, beverages and land required by the human population
  • Conversion methods and technologies of energy
  • Agronomy enhancement and development

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