Sample Essay

Futurist 44) Bioenergy has seen immense development and promotion within its industry sector till the time and it would keep growing to far extend in the future as expected by the researchers, scientists, and governments. But, apart from that, there are certain global demands of Bioenergy which needs to be fulfilled in order to have a sustainable Bioenergy revolution in the world. this would help in maintaining sustainability in the Bioenergy sector, while using minimum of the sources, and safeguarding the environment of the planet earth.

The proportion and strategies through which we could meet the global demand for Bioenergy are:

  •  Environment sustainability demand: The sustainability factor in the environment is one of the most important global demands of Bioenergy. This fragment is the centre of attention for every government and country because the main purpose of Bioenergy is to reduce pollution and safeguard the air and water of the planet. The primary issues which are needed to be look after in environmental global demands are listed in the following:
    • Protecting soil erosion
    • Air quality
    • Water quality
    • Reduction of soil nutrients
    • Preventing biodiversity
    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • Water management
    • Land management
    • Waste management
    • Proper use of fertilizers and agro-chemicals

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