Sample Essay

There is clearly a wide gulf between hopes and their fulfillments when considering the case of ordinary income groups and poor people. His dependency on other people and his young age was also a significant factor behind his uncertainty in getting his beloved for himself. The convergence of the two Christian and Oriental myths created a world of mystical illusions and idealistic beauty.  He possessed a highly imaginative mind and blindly interprets world in his own delusions. There was an ample need to wake him up from living in the false imaginations and get acquainted to God and himself. He was running after a lonely idealism and a mere futile quest which can only lead him to disillusionment.

The entire struggle and happiness which enabled him to do something for his love turned into an anger and disappointment. He reached in the dark and gloomy atmosphere of Araby, where his vibrant nature, his passion and determination vanished through his self realizations and findings. He suddenly realized that he is running after shadows in the matter of love. He was in constant conflict with his inner self and the outside world because of his poverty and dependency. His sweet efforts to bring gift for the beloved is the example of satisfying social standards of gifting things to loved ones.

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