Sample Essay

The safety culture in the construction industry is the utmost important aspect which is very crucial to be applied in every construction company because it helps in working better than before, retains the reputation of the company while giving employees their space to work with freedom and motivation gesture. This section has successfully outlined and explained the main concepts, principal, definitions, benefits and all the necessary information which should be known for proper health and safety culture in the construction companies.

In this section, the conceptual framework of the entire research paper would be presented. Conceptual framework is an entirely allotted section where the possible set courses of actions are explained which describes the organized way of thinking about how the project is being taken and how the researcher or writer understands it. It is the basic conceptual design which explains why students usually work on a particular project and how do they prefer to explain its important aspects to the readers (Mundel, 1967: 3).

As a conceptual framework of this section, there would be much emphasize on the relationship between the teachers’ beliefs and practices carried out in the mathematics classrooms.

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