Sample Essay

Chinasupports and persuades the Foreign Direct Investment policies for the intention of following points:

  • To produce energy resources, transportation, raw material and other kinds of basic industries
  • To transform the traditional way of agriculture with that of modern agriculture techniques, while promoting the industrialization of agriculture
  • To support foreign businesses in order to transform the traditional industries (for example; textile, machinery, goods manufacturing industries) and to upgrade their way of working
  • To use raw and renewable materials while protecting the environmental conditions, and modernizing the public utilities
  • To support and encourage the export oriented Foreign Direct Investment polices and projects
  • To manufacture more industries in the western areas ofChina

China has modified its Foreign Direct Investment policies to make them more flexible after becoming a permanent member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) for the foreign investing parties. Strict laws have been removed for the benefit and convenience of the investing companies. To increase the level of exports, China has incorporated compulsory, neutral and voluntary Foreign Direct Investment policies. The Foreign Direct Investment policies ofChinahave prominently improved the export level of the entire country and made it export-oriented as a whole. According to the Foreign Direct Investment policy ofChina, the main emphasis is to promote the technological aspects within the country while attracting the foreign investment from other countries as much as possible. In this way, the government of China has consequently maximized the benefits of the Foreign Direct Investment policy.

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