Sample Essay

Fong, Shen Q; 2000, p319) Construction industry is basically related to many industries which grow along with those industries. These other industries could be the household, housing, commercial or educational growth and enhancements in area, and there are so many to be listed. The progressing and developing construction industry can help the nation in developing more advancement, innovations in the technology sector, and new horizons in the marketplace, improve the environmental impacts, and introduce new fields in the construction industry by increasing the number of job vacancies, working and business opportunities for everyone.

Construction industry plays the role of being the backbone for the development, prosperity and stabilizing the economic state of a country. Construction industry plays the role of being the industry where it provides shelter, job vacancies, industrial development, production and services to the people and open ways for investors to put their money and invest for financial stability and development (Chiang, Tang, Leung; 2001, p680).

(WAMUZIRI S., 2006, p171) There are many benefits advantages and benefits involved in following the safety culture in the construction company, such as, reduced amount of accidents, health and safety insurance of employees while working, meeting up the deadlines of projects on time, avoiding delays in work, maintaining the motivation level of the workers, retaining the reputation of the construction company, ensuring great teamwork and coordination among workers, and surviving among the other competitors in the marketplace.

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