Sample Essay

Gasoline typically means fuel which is used in the internal combustion engines of motor vehicles as running and operating medium. Gasoline fuel runs as the energy source for the engine of the vehicle. Gasoline powered vehicles and engines make use of internal combustion power system. At present, gasoline vehicles are the most common medium of transportation in the world because they are economic and the fuel is available very easily in the marketplace and nearby gas stations (UNEPS 23).


The results found about the gasoline vehicles are listed as under (Zhao 35-113):

  • Gasoline powered vehicles are the most frequently used source of vehicles in the entire world and have fuel tanks which provides and transmits energy to the main engine
  • Gasoline powered vehicles contribute in global warming by releasing green house gases and majority of vehicles emitting green house gases are gasoline based
  • Production of gasoline contributes in increasing the pollution impacts
  • Gasoline contains MTBE which is a cancer causing agent, while pregnant women are told not to be exposed near gasoline as it could create child birth problems
  • Gasoline production has lead the world to rainforest destructions
  • The production of gasoline vehicles is correspondent to the manufacturing of a bio-diesel vehicle as they are available in mass quantity very easily to the consumers
  • The fuel for gasoline is readily available in every area’s gas station

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