Sample Essay

Lange, Daniel Quinn Mills; 1979, p24) The importance of safety culture can be understood by this reason as well that usually construction companies are given a specific timeline in which they are supposed to complete their projects and construction contracts. These companies might face unwanted delays or accidents due to the unsafe environment for the employees, so the safety environment is important to be followed by all the companies in order to complete their projects on time without any delays, maintain good reputation for the company, and to ensure motivation among the workers and professionals involved.

Rowlinson, 2004, p22) Safety culture in the construction serves the company and its employees by providing them with several advantages. These advantages are most of the monetary type for the management of the company and finishing their work on time, while it provides safety and motivation factor for the workers working on-site locations of the projects. Absence of safety culture in the construction company may result in many disasters, such as, time delays, financial lose, lack in manpower, lack of motivation among workers and bad reputation for the company.

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