Sample Essay

There existed insufficiency in the number of protective measures against foreign and external shocks, making the economies even more vulnerable owing to the extent of reliance on the foreign influences as indicated on appendix 4.

 The progressive nature of the growth and development structures was barely sufficient to cushion the economies from the effects of a crisis like the one in 2008. As a result, the impact of the 2008 on the developing nations was different from any other crises experienced in the world. In addition to the collapse in demand from the external locations, domestic structures were also affected by the unavailability of credit, contributing to the lack of demand on the domestic echelon.

            In the recent financial crisis, the most prominent rationale for the fiscal and monetary policy interventions was the restoration of the confidence of the consumers in the ability of banking institutions as well as stimulating demand so as to provide a destination for the resulting increase in production once the crisis was over. The most prominent and effective policy intervention was the provision of additional liquidity through bailout plans. 

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