Sample Essay

Here they are destroying Lucy the vampire but it can be interpreted as suppression of her sexuality if we read the description of Lucy after the stake has been driven.

‘but Lucy as we had seen her in life, with her face of unequalled sweetness and purity ,…. One and all we felt that the holy calm that lay like sunshine over the wasted face and form was only an earthly token and symbol of the calm that was to reign for ever’.

The association of sex with evil is an extremely common one. Many visual interpretation of the devil show him a creature with over-sized genitals so the symbolism of vampirism with sex does make sense. This if interpreted as a suppression of women’s sexuality can be seen as a suppression of women. Judith Weissman states the fight against vampirisim and the fight to reclaim Mina is to keep women from knowing what men and women all of the ages have known that women’s sexual appetites are greater then mens. (qtd in Miller)

It is also interesting to note that Mina after the destruction of the vampire Mina goes back home to be a wife and a mother but when she is infected and Dracula is alive she is an intelligent women who is an integral member of the group who destroys Dracula. She shows mental fortitude by going to mental contact with Dracula while struggling to maintain her own identity and not be overwhelmed by him.  Perhaps the interpretation can be extended further then sexuality over here it could be seen as an effort and a fight to keep women on the same roles as they have been performing and to avoid change. The scene in which  Dracula cuts his breast and forces Mina to drink from it drink from it as mentioned in earlier seems to have ‘subverted gender definitions’.

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