Sample Essay

Even though women are more trust worthy and more hardworking, at work women and their feminism are rewarded by making women feel less competent to men and if any women is expected to succeed at her workplace she is expected to act, think and behave like her male counterpart in order to be taken seriously. Women are subjected to follow male ideal if they wish to succeed any if they show any differences they are regarded as weak and unable to handle authority and power (Toussaint). Thus, in the corporate world women have also started dressing up as men in formal suits to alleviate the massive amount of differences that exist in form of gender bias at the workplace and be able to present themselves as able as men working in the same capacity.

Women are made to think that they have to adopt the male thinking and work practices in order to succeed and make their mark. Another, common social phenomenon which we witness everyday is the stereotype that women are bad drivers. Again, the male perspective tends to dominate that they are better drivers and few believe that gender has anything to do with bad driving habits. Young adults who are waiting to get their license, this fact is instilled into their minds that women are bad drivers

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