Sample Essay

Companies usually develop their marketing plans from scratch so that nothing sounds repetitive. A marketing procedure can differ according to the nature of the product and the category of targeted clients but the basics are same. What is marketing? It is process used to promote products and the reach the customers in a closer manner?  Do you buy a product if you do not see it being marketed on television or through newspapers? Most of us answer this question with a NO. We do not feel convinced with the quality of a product if it is not famous. This is exactly what companies aim to achieve. Through marketing, they plan to present their products in a more personal manner.

The steps of a marketing campaign are designed according to the stage of the product. If a company is launching a new product which does not have any competition, it can take very high risks. On the other hand, if you are competing with an existing product, you have to study the strategy of your rivals.

Every product fades out from the market at a certain stage and there is nothing abnormal about it.  With the help of a good marketing plan, companies plan to create the maximum impact on the mind of the consumer. You must remember that the first impression is the last impression.  It is hard for a product to impress the customer if fails to fascinate initially.

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