Sample Essay

A design feature of java is that its made to be a platform independent language, which could be objected in a sense that there a number of java compilers exists in market which are specific to the available machines and that how it archives platform independency but still with a specific combination of operating system and hardware java is so far the most Portable- language around. For applications written in any of the non-java languages their source code needs to be tailored if what we require is the execution of code over different

platforms and it required quite a lot of an effort when it comes to changing applications having huge coding and extensive graphical user interface, here java features saves time and resources require for development, implementation and support to let a single piece of code run on multiple machines having different operating systems.

The object-oriented approach of java makes it easier to model real world entities and make the code extensible, understandable and takes less time than the code written possibly in non-object-oriented languages. Java’s Object-orientation has no problems of difficult and complicated approaches that were inherent in other Object-oriented languages and enhances the ability of testing a code written in java making it simple and easy.

It has an automatic capability to adapt to the environment where code is being executed with an in-built feature of support different national character sets like English, Japanese etc.

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