Sample Essay

When you let 19 and 20 year olds to vote, a decision which in effect shapes the future of the country, you still think they are too young to handle alcohol. The point being that looking at these two factors the logic for not lowering the drinking age, that kids that age are not responsible enough to handle alcohol seems to be a little weak. This point can be summarized by the following quote

‘It’s one of the stupidest laws in America,” Justin Schmid, 21, a student at Southern Methodist University inDallastold Fox News. “You can be drafted by your country, go to war — yet you can’t have a beer. You can be tried as an adult — yet you can’t have a beer.”

A major reason offered by those who oppose lowering the drinking age, is that we tried it before, during the Vietnam War, but as mentioned earlier there was an increase in road accidents and the age was once again increased to 21. However a deeper analysis of this point shows that, this reason may not be good enough. First of all it is said that the number of accidents decreased after the law was repealed. However a closer analysis shows that the decrease in drinking and driving problems since the 1980’s, which are generally attributed to the 1987 law which made the age restriction mandatory, actually started happening even before this law was initiated. Basically there has been a decreasing trend due to other variables such as better awareness about drinking and driving, and improved safety mechanisms like the safety belt.

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