Sample Essay

Farmer’s markets are where farmers directly bring their produce in one particular place to sell. According to Roth (Online) it is one crowded ‘burstling place with dozens of local growers offering their wares and produce’. Generally, farmer’s markets are often located outside the urban cities and are held once a week.  However, it is not heavily commercial and there is not a whole lot of variety product wise.

In farmer’s market, one would generally find fruits and vegetables of all sorts and some other homemade products. The fresh food is a major attraction for consumers who like fresh food and know the benefits of organic foods. The farmer’s market promotes the use of fresh and organic food in health terms. However, there is a lack of brands since all the products are nearly same. This aids the consumers as it lowers the confusion between products and makes shopping easier. Yet, its location and the timing – once a week – makes it difficult for people to do their shopping every day.  It is inconvenient for customers as usually the farmer’s market is held out on weekends when the families seek entertainment and time together rather than doing grocery shopping.

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