Sample Essay

Farmer’s market on the other hand does not involve any supply management processes because the farmers directly bring their produce in the market. With homogenous products, there is more or less perfect competition in the environment, that is, the sellers are unable to influence their price since everyone has more or less the same product that is fruits and vegetables, to offer.

The prices in farmer’s market do tend to be less expensive as reported by Sommer, Knight and Sommer (1474) in their study that tomatoes were found to be less expensive in farmer’s market than in supermarket.  Consumers benefit from farmer’s market because not only do they get fresh produce but they also pay less compare to what is paid in the supermarket. It is seen as a great way to economize. With emphasis on using organic foods as it has most benefits,  most consumer have shifted from buying produce in supermarket to buying it from farmer’s market. Thus, supermarkets are facing a tough competition as the consumer focus has shifted from using genetically modified produce to organic produce.

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