Sample Essay

Brand Image has two components: the associations customers ascribe to the brand and the brand’s persona. Brand Associations help you understand the benefits your brand delivers to customers and the role it plays in their lives. Brand persona is a description of the brand in terms of human characteristics; this also helps you better understand the brand’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the best ways to position it. (Davis, 2005)

Every brand exists to form associations with its customers to foster long-term relationships ensuring customer’s expectations are met in such a manner that delights them. At every sale, this should be ensured that customers return each time after a successful purchase. Over a substantial amount of time, this loyalty from the customers translates to an intangible asset for the company that allows it to bounce back from attempts by competitors to harness its reputation. This asset is the brand equity. It depends highly on the associations formed in the consumer’s mind about the company and its brands

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