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As a result of this crash, eight out of vessel’s eleven cargo tanks were cracked. This results in 258,000 barrels (10.8 million gallons) oil spill, amounts to 20% of ship’s cargo and declares 34th largest in the world and the largest in U.S history. The remaining 1 million barrels of oil offloaded till April 4 (Davidson & Art, 1990).. In aftermath of the spill, a severe storm commenced the third day after the spill drove the spilled oil toward the shoreline at the southwestern end of PWS. One of the conditions of Alaskan oil spill response system was that in case of any emergency, the response equipment would be available within five hours of the spill. However, at this incident, oil-containment equipment was available in a small quantity. It would have taken ten hours before cleanup crews had arrived; at this point the oil slick had spread in large areas.

For an effective and sooner clean up the weather turned out to be uncooperative. Initially, it was too calm to dispersants, which are sprinkled on the water by airplane. They work best in rough seas and break up the oil and spread like foam of dishwater soap. Finally, when sea started behaving, planes were not able to fly because of stormy skies. By the end of third day, the spill had spread to over 100 square miles. Containment booms were not enough to prevent the oil from spreading as the amount was overpowering.

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