Sample Essay

The European Union works in collaboration with other international institutions and countries, near or far its borders to take care of the illegal immigration of non-citizens, international crimes, international terrorism acts, drug or liquor smuggling or illegal trade of both, and why not to mention the global issue and talk of the town right now, that is, environmental pollution.

The European Union works jointly by following a particular set of rules. It has a particular set of instructions and regulations that helps in the right coordination of trade, financial and technical assistance, social, civil, economy and human rights, defence and security, along with many other sections which have been already listed.

The European Union not only respects the human rights and peace but also does the rightful efforts to promote it not only in the member states and countries, but also try to implement it in other countries outside as well. The European Union also makes sure that the peace and law should be enforced in the countries by acting on the following rules:

  • Ensuring proper government operations and democracy by following rules set by the law of that particular country.
  • Supporting closure of death penalty sentence globally.
  • Maintaining the boards, hearing and criminal courts internationally by doing efforts for the eradication of torture and impunity.
  • Working to set an end to discrimination, racism, and xenophobia of people coming under the minorities and indigenous circle.

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