Sample Essay

Great trade impacts were observed both for the plaintiffs and the defendant. The Alaskan fishing industry that revenues $ 1 billion stunts its oil industry’s of $ 8 – $10 billion causing the impact on the lively hood of the native Alaskans as well as the fishermen rather severely. After this incident, state canceled entrance to herring fisheries and restricted the salmon pick in these waters, which resulted in annual loss of $136.5 million to the commercial fishermen after this oil spill. Brian O’Neill, the plaintiffs’ attorney commented that fishermen have actually lost a total of $580.4 million as Alaskan salmon and further $154.8 million lost because of the deterioration of ecosystem depletion of fish livestock (Carr, Terry, 1991).

Another impact was drop in the value of fishing permits, the sale of these permits highly declined after the incident and restricted the exit of fishermen from business. Exxon counteract this claim by stressing that world supply of fish is increased in this decade, the world prices show a decline because of this factor.

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