Sample Essay

The CRM technology that was employed in the past pertained to people as well as process. However over time it has shifted the focus towards technology only. About a decade ago, CRM related to keeping records of the customer, either on a spread sheet or on a simple directory on the computer. The marketing department and personnel could access this information and make their strategies for branding and marketing purposes by taking into account the trends depicted through the analysis of the data. The difference however that existed was that this CRM was less technology oriented and made sue of less in depth analysis. Moreover the information gathered through data collection about customers was often not completely accurate as well.

The nest in line of the CRM evolution were the marketing analysis systems which mostly focused on analyzing the information collected through statistical and probability based analysis. These took the form of specific programs like BroadVision and SilkNet. The next generation of CRM combined the aspect of analysis and reporting on the data to provide for business reports. Crystal Reports is a good example of this. With the passage of time however the aspect of data collection, data analysis and data reporting and accessibility has been combined to form a complete and comprehensive CRM solution. This solution is now provided by vendors such as Microsoft, Teradata and Oracle.

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