Sample Essay

Since the time of its establishment, the European Union has stretches its wings and worked for the betterment on several areas of the member countries. The specialized efforts fields can be listed as under:

  • Justice, security and rights of the citizens: Fundamental rights of around 495 million citizens – European Union has succeeded with its justice and security services to come to some beneficial peacemaking plans in the world.
  • Politics – European Union plays the part of a neutral political actor and judges the right candidate to help in the peacemaking work being a political party for its members and other countries.
  • Economic: Budget, monetary union, single market, consumers, competition, employment, and social affairs – through these, European Union makes financial plans and helps in implementing the peace plan when it needs any financial aid.
  • Demographics: Religion and languages – European Union is a secular party which does not judges the position of a country and value it according to its religion and language but do it neutrally.
  • Cultural efforts: Transportation, customs, sports and extracurricular activities.
  • Foreign relationships: Foreign and security policy, external trade, external relations, humanitarian, military and defence – Rightful foreign relationship is required extremely when it comes to the right peacemaking plan or judgment. European Union does it with the right foreign relationships it has with other countries and helps them when they need to solve a conflict situation.
  • Development: Infrastructure, media, audiovisual, agriculture, food safety, environmental, energy, enterprise, enlargement, regional enhancement, research, innovation, training and education sectors.

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