Sample Essay

The impact of European Union has passed many stages of agreement in cyclically  which has seen improvements in the agreement, but the critical stage of 2004 referenda is still remains a question mark in the entire situation. How the membership of the country with theUnionwould provide the problem with a solution remains a question, but it is also assume that the whole solution might face a failure (Diez,Pace; 2007, pp1-16).

                European Union can directly deal with this problem by recommending specific solution guidelines and plans and simply ruling others out from the scene; or it can also follow an indirect way through which alter and fabricate the local domestic infrastructure of the issue.

(Demetriou, 2004) Despite the fact that the Cyprus dispute remains unsolved even with the immense efforts of international organizations European Union and United Nations; it is expected that the European Union would pt its efforts more than ever in this mater because previously, the role of Union was just of an observer and now, when Cyprus has become the member of the Union, it has the right get more involve, go deep into the root of the matter and help in solving it more than ever. However, the fear has expressed from some source that the resolution of the problem would not bring fruitful results to all the people living in the island. Where the solution would be beneficial for some people, it would also be devastating for others from many aspects. IfCypruswould remain separated into two areas and then solved with different administrative and cultural solutions, then it might give a solution to a better independent state. European Union call itself as the “force for good”, but on the contrary, many political parties and leaders do not take it as a force working to be good enough for others since the construction of the European Union makes itself a normative power which could be problematic for others who are not willing to live according to the conditions set by the Union or its Commission.

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