Sample Essay

When there is no power or help is provided to some region in terms of security or conflict, European Union seeks a way inside that matter to solve it within no time and respond promptly to the situations faced by those regions. It has reacted as one f the most vital unions who has encouraged member states and countries to work together to achieve the final goal of a contented world peace.

            European Union has been an active player of the implementation of world peace along with the vital player United Nations. It uses its position of exceptional value to use its power and authority to contribute and solve the conflicts and disputes globally. European Union has adapted to change and use its power to act as an agent for the positive and global change. The objective of European Union is not to become a universal or globally accepted world power, but it is working for the betterment of the mankind to bring up peace globally and save human lose and destruction. The European Union was set to work out to cope up the European countries, and after completing that goal, it is working to remove poverty from the poor regions, plummet the trade barriers, and promote peace among other countries as well.

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