Sample Essay

In the beginning, the European Union was not capable to help other countries rather than its member states and countries. The only interaction it could had with other countries than its member countries was to ensure the trade communication, trade policy, help on assistance and agreements on cooperation till the decade of 1950s. Whenever there was a need to contact or collaborate with other countries, it was for the union’s motive and intention. With the change in time, the intention and motive of theUnionalso changed.

Then the European Union signed a treaty as Maastricht Treaty in 1993; according to which the European Union gained the advantage to develop a common security and foreign policy (CSFP). As per this treaty, European Union now has the right which enables it to take out necessary joint action or order when the interests and goals of the union as a whole are at extreme risk or at stake.  As part of this treaty, defence authority comes under the regulations and the European Union can get involved when promoting and maintaining stability of defence and rules are required around the world, anywhere and anytime needed.

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