Sample Essay

Waldemar (1994) defines hospitality as moral services provided to someone by one or a group of individuals. As far as tourism and hospitality are concerned, they can become a vast industry when it comes to ethics and services. Hospitality can be provided not only by an individual but also goes for organizations. Waldemar (1994) also states that, tourism companies aims to serve tourists and provide them with every facility possible and to make their tour comfortable. Organizations providing these facilities educate their employees and publicize with the help of news, papers, brochures, pamphlets, guidelines, leaflets and every way available. The author Mick and Rosaleen (2003) argue that, hospitality is the openness to others and your personal responsibility for others welfare without any familiarity, but at times an incentive is concerned for providing all the benefits to that individual.

John (2003) asserts that, Chinese government has armed itself and the entire nation to serve best hospitality services possible to the tourists. Not only the residents but also numerous tourism agencies are preparing themselves to serve the best hospitality services to the visitors coming toBeijingand other cities. Some of the main areas specially covered to offer best hospitality services can be listed as immigration, welfare and social security of tourists; as well as proper guidance education with proper ethics and clarity to the rules and regulations (John, 2003).

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