Sample Essay

In light of the seven philosophies discussed, we find the discussion of the following, in light of the Bear Stearns case suitable:

  1. Operations of the firm, aimed at serving their own interests, exhibit a high amount of egoism in the company’s culture. It was the perseverance to serve one’s own interests that resulted in Bear Stearns’ failure to communicate the risks to their own stakeholders, the contributing members of the firm that had a high involvement in the advancement and growth of the company.
  2. The firm’s dealings with customers and failure to realize the aftereffects of its negligence, also show a lapse of the failure of justice of an organization towards its significant parts, portions that form a large part of the organization, in supporting what the organization does and the future direction of its operations.
  3. The company during its 85-year history has been involved in attempts to coerce smaller companies to ensure easier acquisitions, in an attempt to become leader in that industry as well. Hostile takeovers have resulted in earning negative reputation for the company. The end result of this could be more success and business for the firm, however the means created for such acquisitions were not justified, pointing towards the failure of deontological ethical systems.

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