Sample Essay

Information Technology Revolution has not been here for too long. Merely 25 years since the first operating system was introduced, the industry has been gaining grounds ever since. New businesses flourish, technologies evolve, customer preferences and requirements change. What does not change is the basic notion of services in this sector.

All sorts of business in this sector require services changing from one shape to another, typically involving providing for what the customer desires as the solution to his / her problems. Companies seeking business in this sector are rampant and hence, occasionally, engage into practices that cannot be termed as ethical, to gauge clients into providing them business to continue their operations, ensuring their existence in the market. When such divisions fail to bring new business to the organization, operations are either closed or these units are offered for sale to interested companies, resulting in laid off employees, spawning a ‘do or die’ situation asking for the individuals /  divisions to cut corners, engaging in unethical business practices (2009), in order to save themselves from losing employment. These practices are a by-product of a variety of reasons that give rise to such situations and will form parts of this essay in subsequent sections.

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